Gautam Budha for Home


Assembly Weight
No Assembly Required 400 Grams
Material Colour
Polyresin White
Dimensions Pack Content
L 13 X B 7 X H 16 In Inches 1 figurine
Key name Hand crafted
Ganpati Murti for home Yes

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Lord Buddha, the prince who abandoned worldly pleasures in favour of spiritual pursuits, wears a big crown as a sign of his ascension from heaven. You’re focused on enlightenment and believe in Karma. You are well-organized and possess a strong commitment. You are dependable, disciplined, and goal-oriented, to state a few characteristics. You can use Buddha’s raised hand in blessing pose to protect yourself from negativity and potential harm. With this peaceful statue, you may enhance your surroundings while also bringing the impact of calm and harmony into your home.


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About Product

The Gautam Buddha statue is a representation of the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, who lived in ancient India around 2500 years ago. The statue is typically depicted seated in a meditative posture with his legs crossed, hands resting on his lap, and eyes closed in deep contemplation.

The statue is often depicted with elongated earlobes, symbolizing the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha, as well as a topknot on his head, representing his spiritual power. The Buddha is also shown wearing a simple robe, which is draped over his left shoulder and wrapped around his body.

The statue may be made from a variety of materials, including bronze, stone, or wood, and can range in size from small handheld figurines to massive sculptures several stories tall. Some of the most famous examples of Gautam Buddha statues include the Great Buddha of Kamakura in Japan, the Giant Buddha of Leshan in China, and the Buddha Dordenma statue in Bhutan.

Overall, the Gautam Buddha statue represents the teachings of Buddhism, emphasizing the importance of inner peace, compassion, and mindfulness in achieving spiritual enlightenment.


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