Laughing Buddha Statue


Assembly Weight
No Assembly Required 400 Grams
Material Colour
Polyresin White
Dimensions Pack Content
L 13 X B 7 X H 16 In Inches 1 figurine
Key name Hand crafted
Ganpati Murti for home Yes

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Handmade Lord Buddha Statue Showpieces have long been recognized as a powerful symbol of peace. So, what could be a better gift or alternative for bringing home than a showpiece of Lord Buddha’s idol. The Buddha idol is made of high-quality poly resin and has a lovely design. This Lord Buddha statue is a great addition to any home, car dashboard, living room, or bedroom. The Idol Of A Lord Buddha Statue is The Best Gift Or A Better Option To Bring Home. It’s A Perfect Gift For Marriage Anniversaries, Parents’ Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding Gifts, Birthdays, Housewarmings, Office/Shop Openings, Festive Occasions Like Diwali, And Corporate Gifts. Big Buddha Statue of Lord Meditating Brings Prosperity and Success


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About Product

The Laughing Buddha is a popular symbol of happiness, contentment, and abundance in many cultures. He is a Chinese folk deity who is often depicted as a jolly, pot-bellied monk with a wide smile and a bald head. He is also known as Budai, Hotei, or Pu-Tai in different parts of Asia.

The Laughing Buddha is often associated with good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Many people believe that rubbing his belly will bring good fortune and that having a statue of him in the home or workplace can attract positive energy and wealth.

Overall, the Laughing Buddha is a beloved figure in many cultures and is celebrated for his joyful and generous spirit.

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