Lord Krishna Statue


Assembly Weight
No Assembly Required 400 Grams
Material Colour
Polyresin White
Dimensions Pack Content
L 13 X B 7 X H 16 In Inches 1 figurine
Key name Hand crafted
Ganpati Murti for home Yes

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Krishan Statue is a stunning showpiece that is ideal for a variety of festive occasions. This gift will give the location a spiritual depth. The presence of God’s blessings will pervade the area. The present is suitable for usage in the puja ghar or drawing room. This will bring positive energy and divine blessings to the place. The residents’ well-being will undoubtedly improve.


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About Product

The statue of Krishna playing the flute is one of the most popular depictions of this deity. The statue usually shows Krishna standing or sitting in a relaxed pose, with his flute held to his lips. In some depictions, he may be accompanied by a cow or other animals.

The flute is an important symbol in the Hindu tradition, representing the power of music to evoke emotions and bring people together. Krishna’s flute playing is said to be so beautiful that it can enchant both humans and animals, and even the natural world itself.

Overall, the flute-playing Krishna statue represents the joy, playfulness, and beauty of life, and is a beloved image in Hindu culture.

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